Businesses Support DNA Marking With Operation Shield

1 Apr 2015

LOCAL businesses are supporting the SelectaDNA forensic marking initiative launched by Cheshire Police, to make it more difficult for criminals to sell on stolen property.

First Norwegian Business Deploys DNA Spray To Deter Raiders

1 Apr 2015

AN exclusive watch retailer has become the first store in Norway to be fitted with SelectaDNA Spray to deter smash and grab raiders.

Huge Theft Reductions & Savings For Swansea Boiler Scheme

30 Mar 2015

BOILER theft has been reduced to zero and phenomenal savings have been achieved following the huge success of a scheme to mark boilers belonging to Swansea Council.

Merseyside Crime Reduction Success

29 Mar 2015

MERSEYSIDE Police released the first set of crime reduction statistics after the launch of Operation Aquila in June 2014, which is using SelectaDNA in targeted crime hotspot areas.

Operation Shield Screens More Than 400 Suspects For SelectaDNA

26 Mar 2015

More than 400 suspects in Cheshire have been screened in custody for traces of SelectaDNA as part of Operation Shield.

Jazz Takes The Lead In Operation Shield

18 Mar 2015

Our DNA detection dog Jazz is working alongside officers from Cheshire Police as part of Operation Shield, a forensic property marking initiative using SelectaDNA.

Successful DNA Traceable Liquids Scheme Extended In Wandsworth

15 Mar 2015

Burglars thinking of targeting homes in Tooting, in the London Borough of Wandsworth, have been thwarted thanks to a successful anti-theft scheme using SelectaDNA.

Shielding Cheshire Against Burglary

10 Mar 2015

A MAJOR anti-burglary operation using SelectaDNA traceable liquid has been launched by Cheshire Police to protect property and businesses across the county.

Putting Faith In Metal Theft Solution

8 Mar 2015

Historic churches in Blackburn, Lancashire, are being protected from metal and stone theft thanks to a new scheme being funded by the local council and police.

Stepping Into The US Market

1 Mar 2015

Knoxville, Tennessee, is serving as the first test market in the United States for SelectaDNA, after the product has helped reduce thefts and burglaries in more than 30 countries.

Cumbria Police’s New Safety Initiative Gets Underway

20 Feb 2015

Police in Cumbria have distributed Selecta DNA forensic marking kits to residents in Workington as part of a community safety initiative.

Fire Kit Protected

19 Feb 2015

Emergency kit stored on fire engines belonging to the Midlands Volunteer Fire Service has been marked with SelectaDNA after a series of costly thefts.

'Anti-Burglary Zone' Created In DNA Crime Crackdown

16 Feb 2015

POLICE in Burnham-on-Sea and Highbridge are tackling crime in the two Somerset towns with the use of SelectaDNA to deter residential burglary.

Classic Car Club Drives Home Security Message

3 Feb 2015

After extensive testing of the SelectaDNA Classic Car Kit for suitability and ease of application, the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) has endorsed the product as its first vehicle security device.

DNA Traceable Liquids Reduce Burglary In London Boroughs

28 Jan 2015

Crime reduction schemes involving SelectaDNA traceable liquids are successfully deterring burglary from targeted properties in major London Boroughs.

SelectaDNA Has Ultimate Staying Power

20 Jan 2015

Our traceable liquid and DNA-based forensic marker SelectaDNA has been awarded the highest possible independent certification for the durability of its forensic codes.

DNA Dog Takes The Lead

18 Jan 2015

After her involvement in the Met Police’s successful Operation Ferrous targeting metal theft, our DNA dog Jazz has been busy working with her trainer Mick Swindells on various assignments.

School ICT & Premises Equipment Security Marked

15 Jan 2015

Classroom equipment belonging to a large primary school in Birmingham has been marked with SelectaDNA to keep better track of valuable items and deter theft.

A Close Watch On Rural Crime

7 Jan 2015

A new Farmwatch scheme has been launched to combat rural crime across four counties.

Keeping A Watchful Eye

5 Jan 2015

Selectamark is working with hundreds of Neighbourhood Watch groups across the UK to issue crime prevention advice and encourage residents to keep a watchful eye in their neighbourhoods to deter and report any suspicious activity.