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Asset Protection

Everyone has assets they want to look after - from household goods such as TVs, jewellery and antiques to office equipment including computers and laptops, there are a wide variety of valuable items that need to be uniquely identified and protected from theft.

Taking Action Against Asset Theft

SelectaDNA is a forensic marking system which comes in kit form for domestic and commercial use. The product contains a liquid specifically DNA-coded to each individual customer or company, and which can be easily applied to any items of value. The liquid also contains thousands of unique microdots, allowing the Police two ways to identify marked items. If equipment is stolen and later found, Police can link it directly with the crime scene, not only allowing the property to be returned to its owner, but also increasing the chance of convicting the thieves.

SelectaDNA is not only being used by 1,000s of householders throughout the UK to prevent and deter burglary, but also by many schools, hospitals and businesses that own expensive and vital equipment.

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83% Burglary Reduction

A CRIME reduction scheme in north Manchester using SelectaDNA forensic property marking has been hugely successful and cut burglary by an impressive 83%. The scheme, which involved 700 homes and a primary school on The Fairway estate, New Moston, has achieved the aims set out by Greater Manchester Police (in partnership with Manchester City Council) at the time of its launch in March 2010. Not only has the scheme significantly reduced burglary, it has also increased public confidence in local police and brought the community closer together. The Local Neighbourhood Policing Team delivered the kits to the streets identified for the project, and they helped residents apply SelectaDNA to their valuables. Inspector Parkin said: “Local residents have welcomed the scheme as a way of improving the area they live in. The fact that our officers have been more visible on the streets as they go door-to-door offering crime prevention advice, as well as giving tips on how to mark valuable items of property, has helped residents get to know their local neighbourhood team and has instilled a sense of confidence.” He continued: “We are very pleased with the latest results of the scheme. An 83% reduction in burglary using SelectaDNA has more than exceeded expectations on The Fairway.


Zero On-Site Burglaries at GSK

Pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has been using SelectaDNA to mark all new electronic equipment at premises in west London. Two years after the introduction of SelectaDNA forensic marking at GlaxoSmithKline, there had been ZERO on-site burglaries reported. The company uses SelectaDNA to mark all of its new issue laptops and high-value projectors at three main sites. GSK’s security manager gives the kits directly to IT staff so that they can mark the items at the same time as they are installing them. He is also impressed with the fact that if a marked item is stolen and ends up for sale online or in a second-hand shop it is possible for police to scan that item and verify 100% where it came from originally.


Burglary-free zone at 'Super School'

Six months after the opening of a new ‘super’ secondary school on Wirral that marked all of its high-value ICT equipment with SelectaDNA there were ZERO thefts or break-ins reported. Before the new-build £25 million Woodchurch High School opened its gates for the first time in September 2010, the on-site facilities management team marked all of the school’s state-of-the art ICT equipment including PCs, laptops and other electronic equipment using SelectaDNA. A spokesman from Wirral Council said that they were looking for a product that would not only stop theft happening – but prevent burglars even attempting theft in the first place. Woodchurch High School is just one of many schools throughout the UK using forensic marking to deter theft and protect assets. All 300 schools in the Oxfordshire area are protected by SelectaDNA, as well as all schools in the London Borough of Havering, and more than 170 schools in Dorset.


Keeping Track Of Medical Equipment

Thousands of items of medical equipment have been marked at a hospital trust in London in order to improve efficiency and deter theft. More than 20,000 medical items belonging to one of the largest NHS Trusts in the UK were forensically marked with SelectaDNA as part of an ongoing initiative to improve equipment management and prevent and deter theft. University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH) has introduced a new policy for managing the procurement and disposal of medical equipment. The SelectaDNA forensic marking programme will allow all medical equipment and items such as PCs, laptops, monitors and printers to be recovered should they be lost or stolen. The Trust’s Head of Clinical Engineering confirmed that SelectaDNA is being used to mark every single medical item, regardless of value.

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