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Human DNA has long been used to convict criminals. Now synthetic DNA is proving just as powerful in the fight against crime. SelectaDNA not only reduces crime but also enables police to link criminals to crime scenes and secure convictions:

Speaking about a case where SelectaDNA was deployed to 'tag' a suspect who was later identified, Superintendent Mark Payne, the Metropolitan Police lead for moped-enabled crime, said: “Without the tagging spray we never would have solved that crime.”

Superintendent Mark Payne, The Metropolitan Police Service

SelectaDNA has been used by over 90% of UK police forces in a wide range of initiatives to reduce crime and build public confidence in the police:

Cheshire Police’s Assistant Chief Constable Sarah Boycott said “Operation Shield has helped, and continues to help us build stronger and more resilient communities by making homes less attractive to those who want to cause harm. We have seen a significant reduction in burglaries in Operation Shield protected areas since the launch.”

Assistant Chief Constable Sarah Boycott, Cheshire Police

Thanks to the fear factor of DNA technology, our solutions deter theft, burglaries and robberies, by displaying powerful and highly visible warning signage:

Following a successful trial SelectaDNA secured the 5-year Forensic Marking contract with Network Rail (High Speed). SelectaDNA protects infrastructure including cabling, rail track and signal boxes along the line and deterrent warning signs are in place on perimeter fencing along the whole route.

Chris Gough, Operations Manager at Network Rail’s security partner Land Sheriffs, said “Having visible SelectaDNA signs has acted as an extra layer of deterrent and helped contribute to the low amount of cable crime on the HS1 route.”

Chris Gough, Operations Manager, Land Sheriffs

SelectaDNA Intruder Spray is one of the most effective ways to protect retail premises and is used worldwide by banks, convenience stores, petrol stations and jewellery stores to protect their valuable stock, assets and employees:

In a highly successful project that began in April 2012, the Post Office has installed SelectaDNA Intruder Spray Systems in over 350 sites across the UK to protect ATMs and to prevent robbery and burglary. SelectaDNA was chosen over other security measures due to the deterrent value of DNA marking.
Kevin Patnell, The Post Office Physical Security Manager says that ‘SelectaDNA is the ultimate deterrent’.

Kevin Patnell, The Post Office

If the worst happens, and an offence is committed, SelectaDNA has the power to gain convictions:

A man was arrested by West Midlands Police and sentenced to 20 weeks in prison after he was sprayed with SelectaDNA Spray during a burglary at a Tesco convenience store in Birmingham.
“The unique, synthetic DNA markings in the spray mist are invisible to the naked eye but visible under UV light. Police routinely scan all offenders coming in to police custody for these marks, which are traceable back to the crime scene and can last on skin and clothing for months. In this case, the spray was able to help secure a conviction as it linked the offender directly to the store and his crime.” PC Andrew Hollies, West Midlands Police.

PC Andrew Hollies, West Midlands Police.

Our specially trained SelectaDNA search dogs are the first in the world to be trained to sniff out forensic markings and are assisting UK police forces in their fight against crime:

The Environment Agency use SelectaDNA and SelectaDNA Search Dogs to tackle waste crime. Gill Clayton, a member of the Environment Agency’s Disruption and Prevention Team said “The Environment Agency is continually looking for new and innovative ways to disrupt criminal activities and SelectaDNA allows us to do just that. Where we find baled waste being stored illegally, our officers will spray that waste with SelectaDNA, and will be able to then follow that waste on any illegal journeys.”

Gill Clayton, The Environment Agency

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