Tis The Season To Be Careful

20 Dec 2010

A CHRISTMAS crackdown on crime is in full swing in Kingswinford, Dudley, with police using the latest SelectaDNA technology to prevent festive burglary.

Highly Acclaimed SelectaDNA Beats Southend Burglars

14 Dec 2010

POLICE in Southend are planning to stay one step ahead of burglars as they introduce SelectaDNA property marking kits to the Essex seaside resort.

Thieves Told Norfolk Is Not The Place To Commit Crime

9 Dec 2010

BURGLARS are being warned by Norfolk Constabulary that they are wasting their time breaking into homes which have been marked by SelectaDNA across the county.

Bronze Age Village Fights Back Against Metal Theft

3 Dec 2010

A SUDDEN increase in metal theft from an historic village in County Durham has resulted in SelectaDNA Grease being used in a police initiative to deter burglars.

SelectaDNA 'Undermines The Ambitions Of Thieves' In Torquay

30 Nov 2010

A HIGH-TECH scheme to boost public confidence in crime prevention has been launched in a Torquay ward, following an impressive 70% reduction in burglary using SelectaDNA in other areas of Torbay.

Repeat Burglary Stamped Out In Henley DNA Initiative

25 Nov 2010

THERE have been no repeat victims of burglary in the Henley policing district following the introduction of a SelectaDNA forensic property marking scheme two years ago.

Rochford DNA Scheme Results In ZERO School Burglaries

24 Nov 2010

OVER 30 schools and more than 250 homes in the Rochford district of Essex are being protected by SelectaDNA forensic marking, following a concerted drive to reduce burglary by a dedicated Police Community Support Officer.

Successful Crackdown On Metal Theft From Public Buildings

16 Nov 2010

EIGHTEEN months after a police crackdown on metal theft from churches and other public buildings in the Waverley district of Surrey, there has been only one reported incident, where previously there had been over 100 lead thefts in a six-month period.

Shard End DNA Scheme Feels Sharp End of the Law

12 Nov 2010

POLICE in the West Midlands are targeting 'high risk' areas of Birmingham using SelectaDNA forensic marking in a new crackdown against burglaries.

Burglars Convicted After Breaking Into 'Trap' Houses

3 Nov 2010

POLICE ‘trap’ houses in Buckinghamshire containing household items marked with SelectaDNA are being used in an ongoing crackdown on burglary that has already resulted in successful convictions.

Kent Police Set Grease Trap For CAT Thieves

2 Nov 2010

POLICE in Kent are keen to put the brakes on a fast-growing trend for catalytic converter theft from vehicles and are using SelectaDNA Grease to trap thieves in the act.

Manchester DNA Scheme: 83% Drop in Burglary

25 Oct 2010

A CRIME reduction scheme in north Manchester using SelectaDNA forensic property marking has been hugely successful and cut burglary by an impressive 83%.

Dot To Dot Technology For Housing Estate

13 Oct 2010

A HOUSING association in Sunderland is using hi-tech property marking kits containing coded microdots to combat residential theft from one of the estates it manages.

Bike Club Gears Up To Deter Theft

7 Oct 2010

BIKE thieves won't be so keen to get back in the saddle following a new crime prevention initiative just launched at a bike club in Derbyshire.

Chelsea Clip Helps Turn The Tables On Cafe Crime

6 Oct 2010

MAJOR cafe chains in the City of Westminster have been using crime prevention measures such as The Chelsea Clip to prevent and deter handbag and laptop theft and have slashed petty crime by half.

South Bucks Burglary Rate Drops 87% In Six Months

27 Sep 2010

THERE has been an impressive 87% reduction in the number of burglary victims over a six-month period in areas of South Buckinghamshire, according to a review of the SelectaDNA forensic property marking initiative being run by South Bucks District Council

Neighbours Rally Together To Deter Burglars

22 Sep 2010

EVERY household in a residential street in Caversham, Reading, has signed up to a forensic property marking scheme aimed at deterring burglars.

Surrey Police Take Burglary Campaign 'On The Road'

20 Sep 2010

RESIDENTS in Surrey are being encouraged to help police 'Beat the Burglar' through the use of SelectaDNA forensic marking products as part of a new campaign involving a series of crime prevention roadshows.

£25 Million 'Super School' Protects Equipment With DNA

6 Sep 2010

A BRAND new 'super' secondary school has just opened its doors to pupils on Wirral, and with high value, state-of-the-art computer equipment on site, there's no room for an 'old school' security system.

Burglary Sinking Down By The River

6 Sep 2010

SIXTY riverside flats in Sunderland city centre have been protectively marked with SelectaDNA following a spate of burglaries from the new-build estate.

More Surrey Homes Protected By SelectaDNA

5 Sep 2010

FOLLOWING on from the success of SelectaDNA property marking schemes in other parts of the county, Surrey Police have now introduced the product to 500 homes in Banstead to target residential burglary.

Clamping Down On Burglary In North West London

2 Aug 2010

RESIDENTS in the Childs Hill and Golders Green wards of north-west London are clamping down on burglary by using SelectaDNA forensic marking to protect their valuables.

Grease Tightens Up Derbyshire Lead Security

14 Jul 2010

A COATING of high-tech grease has been applied to properties in and around Kilburn, Derbyshire, to reassure residents and help protect them from metal thefts.

Driving Out Burglary From Breckland Homes And Cars

11 Jul 2010

HOUSEHOLDERS and car owners in burglary hotspots throughout Breckland in Norfolk are taking part in a hi-tech police initiative aimed at preventing thefts.

All Dorset Schools Use DNA To Deter Burglars

9 Jul 2010

SCHOOLS in Dorset are taking part in a crime reduction initiative to reduce burglary using the latest in hi-tech DNA property marking.

Turning The Tide On Boat Thieves

22 Jun 2010

A YACHT club in Northern Ireland that has been targeted by thieves is taking hi-tech measures to protect boats belonging to its members by using the new SelectaDNA marine marking kit.

Bringing Rochford Security Up To The Mark

20 Jun 2010

MORE than 400 households as well as primary and secondary schools across Rochford in Essex, are being protected by SelectaDNA property marking kits to deter burglars ahead of the summer holidays.

Ring Of Steel Closes In On Rossendale Thieves

18 Jun 2010

A POLICE initiative which involves setting DNA traps to catch burglars targeting empty premises is to be extended across the Rossendale Valley.

Police Extend Use Of DNA To Catch Crooks

16 Jun 2010

POLICE in Broadland, Norfolk, have been given further funding to roll out their SelectaDNA security marking initiative to trace the tracks of burglars.

Detention For Burglars At Blackburn Schools

16 Jun 2010

SIX primary schools in the borough of Blackburn with Darwen in Lancashire are tightening up security and using SelectaDNA to protect their property from burglary.

Keeping A Close Watch On Business

6 Jun 2010

A POLICE initiative to protect businesses from burglary using SelectaDNA has been introduced at a business park in Lancashire.

Pupils Take New Security Precautions After Break-In

26 May 2010

PUPILS at a primary school in Bridport, Dorset, have been busy security-marking their property with SelectaDNA forensic technology after a number of laptops were stolen following a break-in.

DNA Screening Helps Convict Criminals

25 May 2010

NEW screening equipment in police custody suites across Buckinghamshire and Berkshire is helping Thames Valley Police catch burglars by showing up the tell-tale glow of SelectaDNA on marked stolen items and on the criminals themselves.

New Zealand DNA Trial Reduces Burglary By 61%

12 May 2010

BURGLARIES in a New Zealand suburb have been reduced by 61% following a recently completed trial of the theft-deterrent product SelectaDNA.

Westminster DNA Scheme Cuts Burglary By 65%

12 May 2010

A CRIME-FIGHTING initiative to help vulnerable residents deter theft in the Queensway area of west London has paid off, with a 65% reduction in burglary.

Police & Housing Partnership Tackles Estate Burglaries

10 May 2010

A HOUSING estate for vulnerable residents in Kensington, Liverpool, has been protected by SelectaDNA following the introduction of a new Partnership scheme involving Merseyside Police and a social housing group.

Police Help School Combat Lead Theft

5 May 2010

POLICE in Rossendale, Lancashire, have joined forces with a local school in a high-tech bid to stop a spate of lead thefts from the premises.

Domestic Burglars Are DNA Targets In Reading

4 May 2010

THE latest crime prevention tool is being offered to people in Lower Caversham, Reading, to protect their homes from burglars.

DNA Spray Knocks Shine Off Jewel Thieves

3 May 2010

SMASH-and-grab raiders who target jewellers in Lancashire will be showered with an anti-crime spray as they flee, thanks to a revolutionary new device.

DNA Driving Down Crime In Cheltenham

27 Apr 2010

RESIDENTS in Cheltenham are benefitting from the latest crime-fighting technology as police recently delivered SelectaDNA forensic marking kits to help them protect their homes and property.

Dutch Success Leads To Amsterdam Retail Scheme

26 Apr 2010

POLICE evaluation of a crime reduction campaign using SelectaDNA in Rotterdam has recently been announced and robbery figures have been reduced by a massive 65%.

London Bag Snatchers Are Given The Clip

25 Apr 2010

HANDBAGS and other items of personal luggage can now be securely stored under many restaurant and pub tables in central London, thanks to the Chelsea Clip from Selectamark.

DNA Spray Keeps Shop Intruders At Bay

20 Apr 2010

A NEW intruder spray that uses forensic DNA to link offenders directly to the crime scene is being introduced to small retailers in Lancashire as a highly effective robbery deterrent.

Flegg Residents Reassured By SelectaDNA

18 Apr 2010

RESIDENTS living in rural villages in the Flegg area of Norfolk are being encouraged to protect their property through the use of SelectaDNA marking kits.

Ring of Success As Mobiles Recovered

18 Apr 2010

PERSONAL possessions that have been lost or stolen are being recovered by Police and reunited with their grateful owners due to the fact that they were security marked with SelectaDNA.

Crime Fighting Kits Deployed In Carmarthenshire

12 Apr 2010

RESIDENTS in the village of Llwynhendy in Carmarthenshire are being given the chance to protect their property from burglary using SelectaDNA, one of the latest tools in crime prevention.

DNA Schemes Crackdown On Burglary In Surrey

7 Apr 2010

SURREY Police are about to launch a number of projects specifically designed to target residential burglary using innovative property marking solution SelectaDNA.

Giant Recovery Success For Bikeregister

5 Apr 2010

A VALUABLE mountain bike which was stolen from a busy street in central London has been quickly reunited with its owner after its details were recorded on, an online registration initiative run by Selectamark.

Marine Theft Sinks In British Virgin Isles

30 Mar 2010

TO COMBAT the theft of and from marine craft in the British Virgin Isles (BVI), a major initiative is being launched today (Wednesday, 31st March) to deter thieves from boatyards and marinas in the territory.

Marine Marking Kit Helps Avoid Crime Wave

29 Mar 2010

A NEW hi-tech marine marking kit is Dorset Police's latest response to theft and criminal damage in boating communities around the Dorset area.