Welsh Victims of Crime Support SelectaDNA

28 Mar 2010

A SCHEME aimed at reducing burglary and the fear of crime for elder residents across Anglesey and Gwynedd in Wales is underway.

Manchester DNA Scheme Links Burglars To Crime Scenes

24 Mar 2010

BURGLARS can now be easily linked to the scene of their crimes with the help of SelectaDNA technology being launched by Police in north Manchester.

Metal Theft Flushed Down The Drain

23 Mar 2010

AN INVISIBLE grease has been unveiled as the latest weapon in the war against drain cover thieves.

Digging Deep To Tackle Allotment Crime

18 Mar 2010

ALLOTMENT holders in Hartlepool are digging deep to protect their gardens against theft and criminal damage following the launch of a crime prevention initiative using SelectaDNA.

Home Insurance Excess Waived By Using SelectaDNA

12 Mar 2010

CUSTOMERS in New Zealand who purchase a SelectaDNA property marking kit alongside their BNZ home insurance policy will no longer need to pay a standard excess if they make a burglary claim.

Burglaries And Theft Slashed By 30% In Just Three Months

2 Mar 2010

A POLICE operation to crack down on burglaries in West Oxfordshire using SelectaDNA as part of a combined package of crime reduction tools, has resulted in a 30% drop in crime overall.

Durham Partnership Gears Up To Reduce Bike Theft

26 Feb 2010

UP TO 3,000 bikes belonging to young children, commuters and rural community members are being security marked using Selectamark's bikeregister system to prevent and deter cycle theft in County Durham.

SelectaDNA Stems Flow Of Crime After Floods

23 Feb 2010

THREE months after the introduction of an anti-looting scheme using SelectaDNA to protect flood-affected properties in West Cumbria, there have been ZERO burglaries reported.

Burglars Risk Getting 'Shopped' In Grimsby Town

22 Feb 2010

RETAILERS in Grimsby are winning the fight against crime after spending a grant from the Home Office on SelectaDNA property marking kits to protect their businesses against burglary.

Edinburgh Bikeregister Scheme Wins SBD Award

15 Feb 2010

A HARD-HITTING scheme that is fighting back against the ongoing problem of bike theft in Edinburgh has won a Secured By Design (SBD) award.

SelectaDNA Fine Tunes Security At College

12 Feb 2010

INSTRUMENTS from the music department at Suffolk New College in Ipswich are being marked with SelectaDNA to protect them from loss and theft.

Farmers Keep Watch Against Crime

9 Feb 2010

FARMERS from Pembrokeshire are joining the fight against crime by marking agricultural machinery and farmyard equipment with SelectaDNA.

Government Funds Anti-Theft Scheme For Thurrock Schools

8 Feb 2010

SCHOOLS across the Thurrock area of Essex are being offered SelectaDNA property marking kits to stop thieves stealing valuable educational equipment.

Birmingham Students Learn How To Protect Their Property

3 Feb 2010

STUDENTS from the University of Birmingham living off-campus are actively involved in a new scheme using SelectaDNA's hi-tech forensic marking system to protect their accommodation and personal possessions from theft.

100% Burglary Reduction On Crime-Ridden Industrial Estate

2 Feb 2010

THERE has been a 100% reduction in burglaries on a previously crime-ridden industrial estate in Pembrokeshire, following the use of SelectaDNA forensic marking.

Sunderland Police Grease The Way To Capture Lead Thieves

27 Jan 2010

A NEW Police operation is underway in Sunderland using SelectaDNA Grease to put a stop to lead thefts.

Trackside Metal Theft Derailed By SelectaDNA Technology

27 Jan 2010

SELECTAMARK'S Dutch distributor, Rhine Group BV, has won a major contract to protect the main rail infrastructure in the Netherlands from metal theft, using forensic marking product SelectaDNA.

Rotherham Scheme Is As Safe As Houses

26 Jan 2010

EMPTY homes awaiting tenants in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, are being protected from burglary by Selectamark's permanent marking etching system.

Matlock Residents Tackle Burglary Head On

25 Jan 2010

A CRIME prevention blitz on a Derbyshire estate is giving residents the chance to keep their property safe with SelectaDNA technology.

Dudley DNA Scheme Cuts Burglaries By More Than Half

13 Jan 2010

ONE YEAR on from the launch of a SelectaDNA property marking scheme in a crime hotspot in Dudley, residential burglaries have been cut by an impressive 52%.

'High Risk' Streets Get Burglary Solution

12 Jan 2010

POLICE in Essex are targeting 'high risk' streets in Basildon and Thurrock with SelectaDNA forensic marking in a new crackdown against burglaries.

Essex Commuter-Belt Village Tightens Up Security

8 Jan 2010

NINE HUNDRED homes in an affluent village in Essex are to be protected by SelectaDNA in a new scheme to deter and prevent dwelling burglaries in the area.

SelectaDNA Helps Cumbrian Flood Victims Deter Looting

4 Jan 2010

FLOOD-AFFECTED areas of West Cumbria are being protected by more than 2,000 SelectaDNA property marking kits as local Police take to the streets to continue their efforts to prevent crime in the area.

DNA Housing Scheme Reduces Burglary And Fear Of Crime

3 Jan 2010

EIGHTEEN months after the launch of a regeneration scheme involving the use of SelectaDNA on a Middlesborough housing estate, both burglary and the fear of crime have been reduced.

Festive Thieves Won't Have A Happy Christmas

16 Dec 2009

THIEVES who target homes over the Christmas period in West Yorkshire are in for a shock this year as many homes are being protected by a new DNA forensic marking system that can easily link criminals to the scene of the crime.

SelectaDNA In Award-Winning POP Partnership

8 Dec 2009

A NEIGHBOURHOOD renewal project that has been using SelectaDNA to help improve the quality of life for residents in a deprived area of Lancashire has scooped a Problem Oriented Partnership (POP) Award at a recent ceremony held in Blackpool.

Dwelling Burglary & Bike Theft Reduced In Massive DNA Scheme

7 Dec 2009

AN ENTIRE policing district on the north-east coast of England which covers nearly 100 square miles, is being protected by SelectaDNA forensic marking after Cleveland Police introduced an extensive scheme featuring both urban and rural locations.

Burglary Driven Down By 50% In West London 'Hotspot'

30 Nov 2009

ONE YEAR on from the launch of a highly successful inner city crime reduction scheme using SelectaDNA, burglaries have been reduced by up to 50% and theft from cars has also decreased.

Slovakian Police Visit UK On Forensic Marking Mission

21 Nov 2009

POLICE officers from Slovakia recently visited the UK to find out more about SelectaDNA and to see how it was being used to prevent crime in the Buckinghamshire area.

Broadland Properties Are Armed Against Thieves

19 Nov 2009

BURGLARS who target homes and business premises in the Broadland District of Norfolk will be thinking twice about the risks involved, as the properties are now armed with a new forensic application that will instantly link them with the crime scene.

Successful Crime Reduction Blitz On Baslow

17 Nov 2009

AGENCIES from across the Derbyshire Dales have been delighted with the success of a recent crime prevention campaign in the Baslow area, as part of Operation Relentless.

McDonald's Serves Up A Side Order Of SelectaDNA

28 Oct 2009

ENTRY and exit points at the main McDonald's restaurant in Rotterdam city centre are being protected from burglary by the installation of the new SelectaDNA intruder spray that uses forensic DNA to link offenders directly to the crime scene.

South Molton Takes A Stand Against Rural Theft

22 Oct 2009

A MARKET town in North Devon took a stand against theft recently when local police held a successful property marking event using Selectamark products to highlight the importance of crime prevention to local residents.

Top Girls' School Deters Theft With DNA

14 Oct 2009

A PRESTIGIOUS independent girls' school in Somerset is protecting all its new IT equipment from theft by using forensic marking product SelectaDNA.

All Schools In Oxfordshire Marked By SelectaDNA

23 Sep 2009

NEW computer and electronic equipment in EVERY primary and secondary school in Oxfordshire is being forensically marked with SelectaDNA after the introduction of a wide-reaching crime prevention initiative by Oxfordshire County Council.

SelectaDNA Brings Added Security To Services Group

10 Sep 2009

FORENSIC marking product SelectaDNA has been a highly effective theft deterrent at the Sunlight Services Group headquarters where there have been ZERO reported burglaries since January 2007.

New Zealand Banks On Catching Robbers Blue-Handed

7 Sep 2009

THE latest in DNA spray technology is to be used to protect all branches of the Bank of New Zealand (BNZ) from robbery. Entry points at each bank are being fitted with spray jets containing SelectaDNA Intruder Spray, which will coat fleeing criminals wi

ZERO On-Site Burglaries Reported At GlaxoSmithKline

3 Sep 2009

TWO years after the introduction of SelectaDNA forensic marking at pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline's premises in west London, there have been ZERO on-site burglaries reported.

SelectaDNA Technology Launches In New Zealand

31 Aug 2009

AN INTERNATIONAL crime fighting initiative using SelectaDNA technology is launching today in Auckland, New Zealand.

New Initiative To Keep Sheds Safe

30 Aug 2009

FOLLOWING a recent rise in shed and garage theft of 400% in the Darwin and Biggin Hill areas of the London borough of Bromley, the Met Police decided immediate action was needed to reduce and deter burglaries.

Andrew Knights Appointed As Managing Director

16 Aug 2009

SELECTAMARK is delighted to announce that Andrew Knights has been appointed as Managing Director, following the retirement of previous MD Chris Taylor after 15 years service.

Making Life Harder For Burglars In Buckinghamshire

9 Aug 2009

A WIDE-REACHING SelectaDNA scheme is being introduced across Buckinghamshire this week to make life more difficult for burglars and thieves and make it easier to convict them.

1,000 Homes In Dagenham To Be DNA Protected

27 Jul 2009

A MAJOR anti-burglary initiative has been launched in the London Borough of Barking & Dagenham involving 1,000 homes in the Valence Park area.

SelectaDNA Spreads Throughout Norfolk

23 Jul 2009

HOMES in three very different areas of Norfolk are being protected with forensic property marking product SelectaDNA.

Residential Burglary Drops By 55% In East Dulwich

21 Jun 2009

SIX months after the introduction of an extensive SelectaDNA forensic property marking scheme in East Dulwich, south London, residential burglary has dropped dramatically.

Selectamark Ramps Up Security In Doncaster Schools

15 Jun 2009

FOLLOWING a new link-up with Bike It, the national cycle-to-school initiative, children from primary schools in the Doncaster area have had their bikes security-marked and placed on the Bikeregister database to protect them from loss and theft.

Home Office Backs New SelectaDNA Scheme In Essex

26 May 2009

OVER 5,000 homes in the Basildon and Thurrock district of Essex are being forensically marked with SelectaDNA to protect against burglary

IT Theft Reduced To ZERO At Busy London Hospital

24 May 2009

OVER 1,000 items of IT equipment belonging to Ealing Hospital NHS Trust have been forensically marked using SelectaDNA, as part of an ongoing initiative to prevent and deter theft.

Watching Out For Boat Theft In Watchet

17 May 2009

MARITIME security has been tightened at the seaside town of Watchet in Somerset following the launch of a new Boat Watch scheme using SelectaDNA forensic marking.

SelectaDNA Helps Make Richmond London's Safest Borough

27 Apr 2009

SUCCESSFUL crime-busting campaign Operation Lockout, which uses SelectaDNA as a major component of the scheme, has dramatically reduced burglary and theft in Richmond upon Thames.