DNA Marking For Essex Residents Scheme

25 Jun 2013

A residents association is using a new scheme to catch burglars who steal from homes, sheds and garages in Thorpe Bay, Essex.

DNA Spray Protects Swedish Pawnbroker From Robbers

4 Jun 2013

A PAWNBROKER in Sweden has had a revolutionary security device installed that uses a forensic DNA spray to link burglars to the scene of their crime.

Leading Brands Protect Retail Stock

1 May 2013

PETROL stations belonging to supermarket chain Asda, which is owned by US retail giant Walmart, are using SelectaDNA Spray to protect items of retail stock.

Extra Level Of Security For Disability Charity

4 Apr 2013

POLICE in Derbyshire are helping a local charity protect itself from burglary by marking vital equipment with SelectaDNA.

Spanish Cities Fight Back Against Theft

2 Apr 2013

SPANISH cities are using SelectaDNA to protect everything from agricultural equipment to street furniture to street lighting against theft.

On The Prowl For CAT Thieves

25 Mar 2013

Thames Valley Police in South Oxfordshire and the Vale of White Horse have instigated a new crime prevention initiative using specialist metal etching kits to put the brakes on a fast-growing trend for catalytic (CAT) converter theft from vehicles in the

Dudley Homes Branded With DNA

15 Mar 2013

Traceable Liquids will be used across Dudley in the West Midlands over the coming months to prevent victims of burglary being repeatedly targeted.

Shutting The Gate On Rural Crime

13 Mar 2013

A NEW scheme which aims to stop farmers from being left vulnerable to equipment and machinery theft, has been launched by Buckinghamshire County Council.

Horse Riders Saddle Up To Guard Against Tack Theft

13 Mar 2013

POLICE in Chorley, Lancashire, are offering horse riders the chance to get their equestrian equipment security marked in a bid to protect it from thieves.

New Wave Of Security For Yacht Club

13 Mar 2013

OUTBOARD motors and various items of marine equipment belonging to a London yacht club have been marked with SelectaDNA to deter theft.

Stolen Equipment Returned To NZ School

20 Feb 2013

A SCHOOL in New Zealand has been reunited with a computer that was stolen thanks to New Zealand Police and SelectaDNA.

Housing Authority Tackles Oil Burner Theft

4 Feb 2013

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) has teamed up with a local housing authority to tackle the problem of oil burner theft on an estate in Fermanagh.

Forensic Crime Reduction Initiative Launches In Jamaica

23 Jan 2013

A POLICE-backed crime reduction initiative has been launched in Jamaica using a British DNA property marking product that has helped reduce theft and burglary by up to 85% in UK crime hotspots.

High Velocity DNA Tagging System Launched By UK’s Leading Forensic Marking Company

23 Jan 2013

A High Velocity DNA Tagging system that keeps criminals at arm’s length has been launched by innovative UK security company Selectamark.

Swansea Boiler Theft Reduced to Zero

21 Jan 2013

BOILER theft in property belonging to City & County of Swansea Council has been reduced from 47 instances to zero over a six month period following the introduction of a huge property marking campaign.

Land Rover Owners Rev Up For Police Security Marking

9 Jan 2013

A PRE-CHRISTMAS campaign to help owners of Land Rover Defenders to protect their off-road vehicles from theft has seen more than 90 marked with SelectaDNA.

Allotment Watch Using DNA Trace Reduces Theft by 100%

8 Jan 2013

THERE has been a 100% reduction in theft from allotments in an area of Wrexham following the introduction of an Allotment Watch scheme and the use of SelectaDNA Trace to mark garden tools and equipment.

SelectaDNA Nominated For ‘Design To Improve Life’ Award

5 Jan 2013

IN AN excellent start to the New Year, SelectaDNA has been nominated for a prestigious award in Denmark.

100% Reduction In Burglary Following Lancashire Scheme

21 Nov 2012

BURGLARY has been reduced by 100% in just three months in properties marked with SelectaDNA in a scheme being offered to over 600 residents in Nelson, Lancashire.

Zero Marine Thefts In Four Years At Devon Boat Club

19 Nov 2012

FOLLOWING the introduction of a Boatwatch scheme and forensic marking initiative at a boat club near Salcombe in south Devon, there have been no reported thefts of marine property in four years.

Added Protection for Housing Stock & Void Properties

29 Oct 2012

A housing association is forensically marking its properties as it tackles metal theft on an estate in Oldham, Manchester.

Housing Association Fights Back Against Metal Theft

23 Oct 2012

A HOUSING association has been forensically marking its properties as it tackles metal theft on one of its estates in Oldham, Manchester.

Council Scheme Protects Ashford Homes

23 Oct 2012

HOMES in the Ashford area are now better protected against theft, thanks to a crime prevention initiative involving the use of SelectaDNA by Spelthorne Borough Council and Surrey Police.

Keeping A Trace On Cemetery Equipment

16 Oct 2012

MAINTENANCE equipment belonging to Wrexham Council and used to keep the gardens of local cemeteries and crematoriums tidy has been marked with a new forensic trace product to prevent and deter theft.

Post Boxes Stamped With DNA Trace

15 Oct 2012

POST BOXES in North Wales are being sprayed with SelectaDNA Trace to protect them from being stolen in an innovative scheme funded by the Royal Mail.

Deterring Asian Gold Theft

15 Oct 2012

THIEVES who target the Asian community for gold were the subject of an initiative organised by Thames Valley Police at the Aylesbury Mosque in Buckinghamshire.

Deutsche Bahn Reports First Arrests As A Result Of DNA Marking Initiative

20 Sep 2012

GERMAN rail operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) has reported the arrest of two metal thieves in Neunkirchen, Saarland, after they tried to sell cable belonging to the company to a scrap metal dealer.

Signing Up To Stop Metal Thieves

19 Sep 2012

PORTABLE variable message signs provided by Mobile Traffic Solutions (MTS) which warn drivers of road works, accidents or long delays as well as other useful information are being protected from theft and damage using SelectaDNA Trace.

World First: DNA Dog Sniffs Out Stolen Metal

3 Sep 2012

THE first Detection Dog in the world to be trained to sniff out forensic markings on stolen metal is set to help police officers crack down on metal theft in the UK.

Dudley Housing Stock Protected By SelectaDNA

20 Aug 2012

CENTRAL heating boilers and copper cylinders belonging to council property in Dudley are being marked with SelectaDNA to protect them from being stolen.

'Street A Week' Initiative Tackles Burglary In Westminster

19 Aug 2012

THE Safer Neighbourhoods team of Bryanston and Dorset Square in London have been involved in a joint initiative with Westminster Council's Neighbourhood Crime Reduction team, to eliminate burglaries on their ward.

New Product Traces Metal Thieves In Swansea

14 Aug 2012

LOCAL police and Swansea Neighbourhood Watch have joined forces with Swansea Council to stop metal thieves in the city by deploying SelectaDNA Trace, the latest in the range of forensic marking technology products from Selectamark.

Lancashire Police: Commit Crime And We'll Catch You

13 Aug 2012

A CRIME prevention scheme which involves setting DNA traps to catch burglars is being offered to over 600 residents in Nelson, Lancashire.

Greasy Solution To Metal Theft In County Durham

30 Jul 2012

POLICE in Ferryhill, County Durham, are using SelectaDNA Grease as part of a continuing campaign against metal thieves targeting residential properties.

Church Metal Thief Arrested In South-East London

14 Jun 2012

A MALE has been arrested and charged with lead theft from a church in south-east London, after SelectaDNA Grease was used to successfully place him at the scene of the crime.

Arrests & Convictions As Lead Thefts Plummet

6 Jun 2012

POLICE in Northumbria have seen lead thefts plummet thanks to a crime prevention initiative using SelectaDNA Grease.

Stamping Out Burglary

25 Apr 2012

THE Post Office is installing the new SelectaDNA Spray in sites across the North-West of England to deter robbery and armed raiders.

Putting A Trace On Rail Metal Thieves

19 Apr 2012

RAIL track and vital electrical equipment belonging to the UK's national rail operator Network Rail is being guarded from metal theft by an innovative new product called SelectaDNA Trace.

Pharmacy Crime Reduced To Zero

12 Apr 2012

A LEADING high street pharmacy chain in the UK has successfully protected valuable stock for more than six months following the installation of a SelectaDNA intruder spray at one of its branches in Glasgow, Scotland.

Metal Theft Prevention Scheme Praised By Shadow Home Secretary

3 Apr 2012

A RADICAL scheme to tackle metal theft using SelectaDNA has been hailed as 'pioneering' by the Shadow Home Secretary during a visit to Burnley.

Home Goods Marked To Prevent Burglary

1 Apr 2012

A NEW home-security initiative has been launched in Oldham, Manchester, to help residents keep their property safe.

Keeping Tabs On Gas Canister Theft

29 Mar 2012

A NEW DNA spray application has been developed by Selectamark's team of researchers to stop the growing problem of gas canister theft.

DNA Gel Set To Scupper Scrap Metal Thieves

8 Mar 2012

VULNERABLE properties in the Wyre, Lancashire, are being protected by SelectaDNA Gel to help combat metal thieves.

Police Drive To Cut 4x4 Thefts

3 Mar 2012

DERBYSHIRE Constabulary and Chesterfield Football Club recently joined forces to help protect owners of 4x4 vehicles from theft, following an increase in reported incidents across north Derbyshire.

Darlington's Void Properties Protected From Metal Theft

22 Feb 2012

EMPTY council housing properties in Darlington that are undergoing repairs or awaiting new tenants are being protected from burglary by SelectaDNA, a hi-tech forensic marking system.

Forest Fights Back Against Metal Theft

23 Jan 2012

RESIDENTS of rural communities in the New Forest are fighting back against metal theft by using SelectaDNA Trace to protect their farm machinery and other types of metal.

Festive Clampdown on Burglars

22 Dec 2011

RESIDENTS of a village in South Derbyshire are busy protecting their valuable household items and presents from burglary in the run up to Christmas by using forensic marking product SelectaDNA.

100% Burglary Reduction On Streatham Streets

12 Dec 2011

THERE have been ZERO burglaries on two residential streets in south-west London following the introduction of SelectaDNA forensic marking in a police crime reduction initiative six months ago.

Essex NHW Deploys DNA Trap to Catch Burglars

8 Dec 2011

A NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH group are helping to target criminals in a hard-hitting crackdown on burglaries from homes, garden sheds and garages in Braintree, Essex.

Housing Partnership Reduces Crime And Fear of Crime

5 Dec 2011

RESIDENTS of Rock Ferry on the Wirral Peninsula have been taking advantage of a scheme using SelectaDNA to keep their personal belongings safer.