Finalists In Three Categories At The UK Rail Industry Awards

12 Nov 2015

WE are delighted to be named as finalists in three categories at the UK Rail Industry Awards 2016. The awards take place in February next year and celebrate excellence and innovation in the rail industry.

Chester’s Void Properties Protected from Metal Theft

11 Nov 2015

THE largest social housing provider in Chester is teaming up with Cheshire Police to protect its empty housing stock with DNA forensic marking.

Shield Update: More Than 6,900 Suspects Scanned For SelectaDNA

5 Nov 2015

MORE than 6,900 suspects have been screened in custody for traces of SelectaDNA forensic marking as part of Cheshire Police’s Operation Shield campaign.

DNA Protection From Operation Shield Spreads To More Areas

2 Nov 2015

POLICE are helping to tackle burglaries in Hoole and Newton in Chester by offering SelectaDNA marking kits to householders in target areas.

Merseyside Police Protect Shops On Run Up To Christmas

26 Oct 2015

SHOPKEEPERS are deploying a hi-tech forensic intruder spray as part of a police operation being launched in Liverpool to cut crime in the run-up to Christmas.

DNA Spray Stops Smash and Grabs

23 Oct 2015

VIOLENT smash and grab offences are a worrying crime trend that continues to put retail staff at risk as well as members of the public.

SelectaDNA Wins First Prize For Security Innovation

22 Oct 2015

ANOTHER win for our colleagues in France. SelectaDNA has been awarded first prize for innovation at an awards ceremony in Lyon.

Operation Shield: Burglary Down Six Months On

20 Oct 2015

OPERATION Shield, Cheshire Police’s wide reaching anti-burglary campaign using SelectaDNA, has been a huge success following its launch in March 2015. 

Defibrillators Marked With DNA To Protect Them From Theft

12 Oct 2015

PUBLIC access defibrillators in Farnham, Surrey, have been marked with SelectaDNA to protect them from theft.

Pearl Of A Business: Selectamark Celebrates 30th Anniversary

2 Oct 2015

WHEN an enthusiastic businessman called Jim Brown started a new property marking company in 1985, little did he imagine that 30 years later that same company would be the global leader in forensic marking solutions...

Assisting With Organised Crime

30 Sep 2015

OUR forensic marking products can link criminals to their crimes and be admissible as evidence in court. We recently provided a witness statement in the prosecution of a gang of drug smugglers.

SelectaDNA Wins A Global Security Solutions Award

29 Sep 2015

IN ANOTHER excellent showing at an international awards ceremony, our colleagues in France are celebrating the news that SelectaDNA has won a trophy in a competition that recognises the most deserving companies in the French security industry.

Outstanding Award For Best New Security Product

25 Sep 2015

CONGRATULATIONS to our colleagues in Norway who have won Best New Security Product for SelectaDNA at the 2015 Outstanding Security Performance Awards (OSPAs).

Cable Crime Drops To Zero On High Speed 1 Rail Route

22 Sep 2015

THERE have been no live cable thefts for nearly two years on the High Speed 1 (HS1) rail route since SelectaDNA Trace has been used to protect the entire line.

Metal Theft Reduced On Cargo Trains In Hungary

21 Sep 2015

CARGO containers on trains in Hungary are being protected by SelectaDNA after they were targeted by thieves who were stealing metal valves.

Deutsche Telekom Protects Phones  

18 Sep 2015

GERMAN telecoms operator Deutsche Telekom has deployed SelectaDNA Gel to stop theft from coin-operated telephone boxes in Brandenburg and Sachsen.

Slovenia Success: Reducing Rail Metal Theft To Zero

17 Sep 2015

FORENSIC property marking is proving highly effective in Slovenia with the recent news of success in a project using SelectaDNA Trace on Slovenian Railways that has resulted in zero metal thefts since April 2014.

Operation Shield Extends To Protect Schools & Rural Homes

16 Sep 2015

COMMUNITIES are clamouring to be part of Operation Shield with schools and rural homes now taking up the call to help Cheshire Police fend off criminals by protecting their valuable property with SelectaDNA.

Slamming The Gate On Rural Crime

8 Sep 2015

A RURAL forensic marking scheme is being launched in the Scottish Borders to cut crime on farms spread over a large geographical area covering approximately 5,000 square kilometres (2,000 square miles).

First DNA Marking Scheme Launches In Norway

1 Sep 2015

A NEW DNA property marking scheme aiming to reduce and deter burglary has been launched in a Norwegian neighbourhood.

Auckland Burglary Victims Get Extra Protection

21 Aug 2015

BURGLARY victims in Auckland, New Zealand, are being given SelectaDNA property marking kits to help combat repeat burglaries.

Ring Of Protection For iPhones

17 Aug 2015

STAFF at the London Marriott Regents Park have been issued with new iPhones marked with SelectaDNA to identify them as belonging to the hotel.

Shield Update: More Than 3,000 Suspects Scanned For SelectaDNA

14 Aug 2015

MORE than 3,000 suspects have been screened in custody for traces of SelectaDNA forensic marking as part of Cheshire Police’s Operation Shield campaign.

Pet Shop Shielded By New DNA Spray System

23 Jul 2015

AN EXOTIC pet store is the first business in Chester to be fitted with a DNA intruder spray as part of Cheshire Constabulary’s successful Operation Shield campaign.

Operation Steel Gets Tough On Wrexham Streets

17 Jul 2015

HOUSEHOLDERS in parts of Wrexham, North Wales, are working with police on an operation that uses SelectaDNA as an integral part of cutting burglary and vehicle crime in hotspot residential areas.

Selectamark MD Elected Chair Of BSIA’s Asset & Property Marking Section

16 Jul 2015

WE ARE delighted to announce that Selectamark’s Managing Director James Brown has been elected chairman of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Asset and Property Marking (APM) section.

100% Effective: DNA Spray Stops Burglary At US Convenience Store

3 Jul 2015

JUST two months after it was installed at a convenience store in Knoxville, United States, SelectaDNA Spray has been credited by local police with ending a run of robberies.

US Police Credit 70% Crime Drop In Knoxville To SelectaDNA

25 Jun 2015

DOMESTIC burglary and theft dropped by 70% and all crime by 21% during a trial of the SelectaDNA forensic property marking system in Knoxville, United States.

Operation Shield Success: Lowest Domestic Burglary Figures in 25 Years

24 Jun 2015

THE lowest figures for domestic burglary in Cheshire in 25 years have been recorded thanks to the launch of Cheshire Constabulary’s Operation Shield using SelectaDNA.

Construction Sites Build Up DNA Protection

23 Jun 2015

LEADING Nordic construction and civil engineering company MTHojgaard is set to protect more building sites in Denmark with SelectaDNA following a successful trial.

Road Sign Revamp Makes Sure Metal Thieves Get Lost

15 Jun 2015

AN HISTORIC fingerpost has been lovingly restored and protected with SelectaDNA to ensure its future.

Antiques Roadshow Appearance

11 Jun 2015

OLD met new as the BBC Antiques Roadshow filmed an episode at the historic Royal William Yard in Plymouth, while Devon & Cornwall Police offered the latest SelectaDNA products to visitors to safeguard family heirlooms.

Hotel Furnishings Get 5-Star Security

2 Jun 2015

ORNATE furnishings such as lamps, statues and antiques at the luxury five-star Shangri-La hotel in Paris are being marked with SelectaDNA.

Historic Wall Protected After Stone Theft

28 May 2015

AN ancient wall in Kent is being protected by SelectaDNA ahead of plans to rebuild it by the local parish council.

New Angling Kit Targets Tackle Theft

26 May 2015

A NEW Angling Kit has been launched to protect fishing tackle from theft.

South Yorkshire Schools Protect Valuables With SelectaDNA

19 May 2015

VALUABLE equipment in all council maintained schools, and a number of other council owned buildings across Barnsley, South Yorkshire, will be protected from theft thanks to SelectaDNA – a forensic marking product.

First US Business Deploys New Intruder Spray System To Deter Robbers

12 May 2015

A SANDWICH restaurant in Knoxville, Tennessee, is the first US business to implement the SelectaDNA Intruder Spray System, a security device that sprays robbers with synthetic DNA.

Battery Theft Runs Out

3 May 2015

THEFT of batteries from Flow telecom sites in Jamaica has been reduced to zero following the introduction of a scheme using SelectaDNA and tracking software to protect equipment belonging to the company.

Home Kits Are A Hit With Insurance Firms

21 Apr 2015

LEADING international insurance companies have been signing up to promote the use of SelectaDNA Home Kits to their customers.

McDonalds Secures Restaurants With DNA Spray In Denmark

20 Apr 2015

FOOD giant McDonalds has chosen SelectaDNA Spray as part of their strategy to secure their restaurants and employees in Denmark against robbery.

Gloves Are Off For Gel Conviction

14 Apr 2015

A COURT in the Netherlands has convicted a Lithuanian man to 12 months in prison and a hefty fine thanks to SelectaDNA Gel.

New-Build Homes Get Added Protection In Police Scheme

12 Apr 2015

MORE than 100 homes on a new-build estate in Stafford have received added protection from local police who are now deploying SelectaDNA in the area.

Arrest Made & Stolen Camera Equipment Recovered

8 Apr 2015

A MAN was arrested after he was found in possession of nearly £5,000 pounds worth of stolen camera equipment that had been marked with SelectaDNA.

Italy's Largest Power Firm Deploys DNA To Deter Metal Theft

5 Apr 2015

COPPER cable belonging to Italy’s largest power company is being marked to protect it from metal theft.

Businesses Support DNA Marking With Operation Shield

1 Apr 2015

LOCAL businesses are supporting the SelectaDNA forensic marking initiative launched by Cheshire Police, to make it more difficult for criminals to sell on stolen property.

First Norwegian Business Deploys DNA Spray To Deter Raiders

1 Apr 2015

AN exclusive watch retailer has become the first store in Norway to be fitted with SelectaDNA Spray to deter smash and grab raiders.

Huge Theft Reductions & Savings For Swansea Boiler Scheme

30 Mar 2015

BOILER theft has been reduced to zero and phenomenal savings have been achieved following the huge success of a scheme to mark boilers belonging to Swansea Council.

Merseyside Crime Reduction Success

29 Mar 2015

MERSEYSIDE Police released the first set of crime reduction statistics after the launch of Operation Aquila in June 2014, which is using SelectaDNA in targeted crime hotspot areas.

Operation Shield Screens More Than 400 Suspects For SelectaDNA

26 Mar 2015

More than 400 suspects in Cheshire have been screened in custody for traces of SelectaDNA as part of Operation Shield.

Jazz Takes The Lead In Operation Shield

18 Mar 2015

Our DNA detection dog Jazz is working alongside officers from Cheshire Police as part of Operation Shield, a forensic property marking initiative using SelectaDNA.